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Certification can be obtained for the following separate modules:

Module 1: General Transplant Coordination

Module 2: Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) Coordination

Module 3: Living Donor Coordination

Module 4: Recipient Coordination

Module 5: Tissue Donation Coordination

The Certificate of European Transplant Coordination (CETC) is obtained on passing Part I (Eligibility) and Part II (Examination). A candidate can be accredited for one or more modules and the CETC will specify which modules he or she has obtained. Eligibility criteria will be established according to the module to be examined.


– 24 months experience as a transplant coordinator

In order to check the eligibility of any application, we request that each applicant download, fill in and sign the Application form and the Logbook that you can download below:

Application checklist

Please prepare all the documents (.pdf or .jpg format) from the list below in advance, prior to starting the application procedure to avoid technical problems.

  • Signed application form (filled in in English)
  • Signed Logbook sheet (filled in in English)
  • Signed and stamped certificate of present job as Transplant Coordination in English
  • Certificate of Experience as Transplant Coordination in English
  • A copy of your valid license as health care professional
  • Transplant Coordination Training Diploma(s)/Certificates
  • CV in English containing: personal data(name, country, e-mail, address, phone), education, work experience, spoken languages, other skills
  • List of publications in Vancouver Style
  • Oral and Poster Presentation List
  • Passport layout photo in separate file
  • Reference letter from the country Board of Transplant Coordination member OR National transplant and donation society OR National transplant procurement organisation

Examination fees

The total fee for the EBSQ Examination in Transplant Coordination is 400 euros divided as follows:

– 200 euros to apply for eligibility, non-refundable in case of ineligibility;

– 200 euros for exams

Fees need to be paid in the course of on-line application process via PayPal.

The examination fee (€200) can be refunded if the candidate did not attend the exam and notified the Board of Transplant Coordination in writing one week prior to the exam, or an unforeseen and so unannounced life situation had developed.