Syllabus and curriculum

Transplant Coordination
Syllabus & Curriculum

Transplant Coordination Syllabus

The Transplant Coordination syllabus comprehensively describes “knowledge, clinical skills and professional skills mandatory for the qualification as F.E.B.S./TPC.

For all the details on the expected knowledge and skills, please download the following document:

Transplant Coordination Curriculum

The overall goal of this curriculum is to define the knowledge to become a competent specialist in the field of transplant coordination, and comprises the following domains:

  • Detection of potential organs and tissue donors and diagnosis of death
  • Management of death diagnosis and organ and tissues retrieval
  • Indications and contraindications of organ and tissue donation and transplantation
  • Identification of clinical risk evaluation and data collection and
  • Interpretation in the evaluation of organs and tissue donors
  • Family approach
  • Educational and promotional aspects of organs and tissue
  • Donation and transplantation
  • Management of organs and tissues programs donation
  • Organs and tissues allocation
  • Ethical and legal Recipient transplant coordination

For all the details on the expected knowledge in the different domains of transplantation coordination, please download the following document: