Frequently Asked Questions

My exam application

I cannot access my exam application.

It can be for different reasons:

  • The application is not yet open on QuizOne.
  • The deadline has passed and the application is no longer open. No applications will be accepted for any reason after the deadline has passed.

I wish to transfer my fees from a previous application.

No fees are reimbursable nor transferable.

I can’t find the emails about my exam application.

Please check your spam. If the emails have landed in your spam please accept the email sender otherwise future emails will be sent to your spam. Please do not delete these emails as you may need this information in the future.
If you didn’t receive any email confirmation after submitting your application, please log in to see if you actually submitted your application. If yes, please contact the Section of Surgery office.
Candidates are solely responsible for their application and its follow-up.

I wish to upload multiple documents but I cannot do so

The platform will only allow you to upload one single document for each section where an upload is required. Please merge your desired documents.

I have submitted my application but I wish to upload more documents.

  • If a candidate has several documents to upload, they should be combined in one pdf and uploaded on the application. The process on how to do so is outlined on QuizOne.
  • Candidate should submit COMPLETE application only.
  • We do not accept any document via email, under any circumstances. No document will be forwarded to the examination committee or uploaded on behalf of a candidate.

I have completed final payment but my application still says pending.

Please log back in and ensure you completed all steps and clicked save and submit. If you have not saved the application it will not be complete.

I am having problems with my medbook.

Please contact medbook directly as they are a separate organisation.

I organised my trip to the exam before knowing I was a confirmed candidate.

We strongly recommend applicants to organise their trip to the EBSQ Examination venue after they have been a confirmed candidate. The UEMS Section of Surgery will not be responsible for any financial decision the applicant made.


I want to know if I am eligible.

All eligibility requirements are written on the relevant web page. You can find them under “Surgical Specialties”: click on the specialty of your interest and then on “EBSQ Examination” on the left menu.

I want to know when the next exam date will be.

Exam information will be updated on the specialty page as soon as the next date is chosen. If the date is not here it has not yet been chosen.

Is my eligibility valid for other specialities?

Eligibility is only valid for the specialty you have applied for and have been deemed eligible for. Eligibility in one specialty does not grant access to an EBSQ in another specialty.

How long is my eligibility valid for?

Eligiblity is valid for two years.

My exam

I wish to take my onsite exam online.

If you have health issues that prevent you from traveling, please contact the UEMS Section of Surgery office. This request is handled differently by each Specialty and at the discretion of the Committee.

No visa or money issues will be accepted for taking an onsite exam online.

If you apply to an onsite exam and your online request is denied, no reimbursement of the eligibility or exam fees will be possible.

I wish to take my onsite exam elsewhere.

An UEMS EBSQ Examination can only be taken at the organised session by the UEMS.

I did not receive any information about my exam.

Please check your spam. If the emails have landed in your spam please accept the email sender otherwise future emails will be sent to your spam.

Can you help with the visa process?

Except producing an invitation letter, the UEMS Section of Surgery cannot help a candidate in their visa process.
We strongly encourage candidates to start their visa process as soon as they are deemed eligible to sit an exam.
Candidates are the sole responsible of their visa application process.


I have not received my certificate yet.

Certificates will be sent out within 2 months of the exam. Please do not contact the office about these unless more than 2 months has elapsed.

My certificate does not have the name I want on it.

Certificates will only be printed with the name provided on your application which must match the ID you will provide for the exam.
If there is a spelling mistake, you must contact the Section of Surgery immediatly – after three months a certificate will not be re-printed.

What does my certificate confer to?

The EBSQ examination leads to the title of Fellow of European Board of Surgery (F.E.B.S.). This conferment is a significant high-level indication of professional competence and excellence, and represents an acknowledgement of knowledge, skills and professionalism, at European level. This title does not give a right to practise.


How will I get my results?

Please consult the specialty’s webpage for the exam in question. All results should be received within 2 weeks of the exam by email.

I wish to appeal my result.

Please consult the relevant specialty EBSQ for instructions on the appeals procedure on the specialty’s webpage.


I want to postpone my exam.

Please contact the office to let them know you wish to postpone. Check the relevant web page for cancellation procedure. You must apply as a postponer for your desired exam, you will not automatically be switched to the next exam.

If I register as a postponer do I have to start my application again?

No, if you have already been deemed eligible in the past two years then you will not have to start the process again, however you must still register as a postpone for your desired exam.

What is the difference between eligibility and exam fee?

Eligibility Fee is what you pay to have your eligibility for the exam assessed. It is non-refundable.
The exam fee is the fee for sitting the exam. This may be transferable to the next exam depending on the cancellation policy of the exam.

If I am eligible how long can I postpone for?

Eligibility must be reassessed after 2 years.

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