UEMS Section of Surgery & European Board of Surgery

What we do

The principal focus of the UEMS Section of Surgery in its activities is ensuring high level quality care to patients.

For this purpose, the main activities of the UEMS Section of Surgery and of the European Board of Surgery are summarised under 4 headings


Organisation of examinations at the European level

The main activity among the UEMS Section of Surgery is the organisation of examinations for the European Specialist Qualification (EBSQ).
Indeed, each of the Divisions, Multidisciplinary Joint Committee and Working groups of the UEMS Surgery Section organises and conducts examinations every year which lead, for the successful candidates, to the accreditation/title of Fellow of European Board of Surgery (F.E.B.S.) in the corresponding specialty.

This title represents an acknowledgement of knowledge, skills and professionalism of surgeons, at the European level. It has become a quality mark, and it is becoming increasingly prestigious among professionals and institutions.
At the end of the day, being a UEMS Fellow of the European Board of Surgery may be plus in a profile for a surgeon who desires to move to another country within Europe.

In preparation of the EBSQ examinations, some Divisions of the UEMS Section of Surgery also offer preparatory courses which cover the main topics of the examination.

Developing standards through European Training Requirement

The bodies within the Surgery sections have developed or are developing European Training Requirements (ETRs) with the final aim to assure European standards in these specialties.



Accreditation of training centres

The accreditation of training centres for specialist surgeons is performed by some divisions of the Surgery Section, with the intention to ensure excellence in European for trainings, and at the end of the day attract surgical trainees from all over Europe with certified centres of excellence for trainings.

Supporting Continuing Medical Education

The UEMS Surgery Section participates in the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), which evaluates face-to-face and distance learning projects for European credits.
It is the most important project of the UEMS in relation to continuing medical education.



Within the UEMS Section of Surgery, some Divisions have established cooperation with the respective European Surgical Societies for collaboration in training courses and qualifying exams:

The UEMS Divisions of Breast Surgery and of Surgical Oncology collaborates with the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO).

The UEMS Working group of Abdominal Wall Surgery collaborates with the European Hernia Society.