Transplant Surgery
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Transplant Surgery

Presentation of the Division of Transplantation

The division of Transplantation was formed in 2007. It was the product of the work from May 2005 to February 2007 of the Transplant Working Group of the Section of Surgery of the UEMS and the European Board of Surgery (EBS).
The main objective of the Division is to guarantee the best standard of care in organ transplantation in Europe by ensuring that training in transplantation surgery is maintained at the highest level.

The Division operates in close collaboration with the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT). The Division of Transplantation is a non-profit organization. and aim at achieving its objectives by setting and recommending standards to the UEMS and the EBS and by encouraging health authorities, national and international transplantation societies to live up to such standards concerning all aspects of professional practice in transplantation surgery.

The Division’s membership is comprised by up to two representatives from each member state of the UEMS who shall be nominated by the competent professional medical organisation in official communication with the UEMS/ EBS.
The Division also has a representative of ESOT who is appointed by the ESOT Council.

The members of the Transplant Working Group of the UEMS and the EBS are the founding members of the Division.

The Division is directed by an Executive Committee comprised by a Chairman (President), a Vice Chairman (Vice President), two Secretaries (Senior and Junior), a Treasurer and the Representative of ESOT.

The Executive Bureau of the UEMS shall communicate with the Division of Transplantation through the Section of Surgery on behalf of the European Union (EU) bodies.

The Section of Surgery and the Executive of the UEMS shall be entrusted with communicating all opinions issuing from the Division of Transplantation to the Commission of the EU and the Advisory Committee for Medical Training.

The Division is financed by the fees of applicants for their assessment of eligibility and examination for obtaining accreditation in transplantation surgery (
The Division is also financed by any legal financial benefits for its contribution to various professional/ scientific activities (i.e. meetings, publications). The Division can accept legal public (i.e. EU bodies, national government bodies, professional/ scientific organizations) or private (i.e. gifts, contribution by the commercial sector) contributions/ donations. A financial contribution/ donation to the Division can only be accepted under the strict rule that is offered in order to help the Division to achieve its objectives and without any obligation of the Division towards the body(ies)/ organization(s)/ person(s) offering the contribution/ donation.