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DatesPlaceApplication deadline dateHonorary certificate
18.03.2022 & 19.03.2022Munich16.12.2021
23.09.2022 & 24.09.2022Dublin06.06.2022

Applications for the EBSQ Examination in March 2022 in Munich (Germany) are now closed.

Applications for the session in September 2022 in Dublin (Ireland) are open.
You wish to apply to this session (and you are a new candidate)? Please click below

Please note that once the deadline date to apply is passed, the link won’t be accessible anymore. No application will then be possible and acceptable by any means.

You didn’t succeed in a previous session of EBSQ Examination in Coloproctology and you want to give it another try?
Please contact our office at the following email: sections@uems.eu before the deadline date to register yourself for this session.

Please note that the EBSQ Examination in Coloproctology takes place only in the English language.


In order to check the eligibility of any application, we request that each applicant download and fill in the Application form that you can download below.
Please answer all the questions in the Application form electronically.

Handwritten application will be not considered as eligible.


Candidates must attach the following documents to their online registration on the UEMS Surgery platform:

• EBSQ Coloproctology Application form
• Declaration of 2 trainers signed (within the Application form)
• Letter of recommendation of 1 trainer
• National certificate of specialized training
• EBSQ Coloproctology_LOGBOOK or equivalent logbook of operations according to the instructions (all operations must be listed and patients must be anonymised)
• Short CV including publications list

Examination fees

The total fees of €700 are for the whole application:
– for eligibility (€200) and
– for the examination (€500)
for the European Certification in Coloproctology. 

The eligibility fee is to be paid when the candidate register for the certification.

The examination fees should be paid once the eligibility of the candidate has been confirmed, to finalise the registration of the candidate for the examination.

If you are found to be not eligible for the examination, the eligibility assessment fee will not be reimbursed.

Failing the exam, a new attempt the following year is possible, the resit fee is €500.

Eligibility criteria

All applicants must be from or currently working or have been trained in an European Union UEMS (Union Europeenne des Medecins Specialistes) or associated UEMS country, i.e. Turkey or Israel.