What are the goals of this curriculum?

The overall goal of this curriculum is to define the level of surgical knowledge and skills to become a competent specialist in the field of Coloproctology. When this level is obtained, the surgeon may be presumed to be capable of independently practicing in the role as a medical specialist (coloproctologist / colorectal surgeon).

What are the requisites for candidates?

Candidates for the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ) Coloproctology examination must demonstrate the requisite knowledge and skills for effective patient-centred care a diverse population. This mandates that the candidate has obtained the appropriate national surgical qualification. Despite variations in the standard and structure of training and certification across European countries (standard of training, length of training, and degree of specialization can all vary), a national surgical training program specifically aimed at the field of Coloproctology should be successfully completed by all candidates.
In addition to the curriculum, most relevant topics, as well as the history of the EBSQ Coloproctology examination are discussed in detail in the European Manual of Medicine. This book can be purchased through the Springer website. It can be downloaded for free for ESCP members at this site (login required):
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