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DateTypePlaceApplication deadline
26. May 2022on siteAthens15 January 2022

Applications for this upcoming examinations are open.

You wish to apply to the next EBSQ Examination in Endocrine Surgery(and you are a new candidate)? Please click below

Online application will close at the latest on 15 January 2022 at 23.59 CET (or when the maximum number of applicants is reached).

Please note that once the deadline date to apply is passed, the link won’t be accessible anymore. No application will then be possible and acceptable by any means.

You didn’t succeed in a previous session of EBSQ Examination in Endocrine Surgery and you want to give it another try?
Please contact our office at the following email: sections@uems.eubefore the deadline date to register yourself for this session.

Please note that passing the exam is not a license to practice within the EU.

Examination organisation & rules

EBSQ Examinations in endocrine surgery or neck endocrine surgery are organised as follows:


All applications and payments must be processed through the online platform.

  • All applicants need to login or register examinee account before applying.
  • After signing in, for the registration process, the applicant provides basic personal information, and upload required files and documents.
  • After filling in and uploading all necessary document to assess his/her eligibility, the applicant proceeds to the payment of the eligibility fee.
  • If the applicant is assessed as eligible, he/she will receive an email regarding his/her eligibility information and will be asked to perform the payment of the examination fee.

If you wish to apply and assess your eligibility for the next EBSQ Examination in endocrine surgery or in neck endocrine surgery, please download the following documents, filled it out electronically, printed, signed and submitted as pdf-file:

Eligibility criteria

Applicants who have carried out their surgical training in one of the European Union countries, a UEMS country (i.e. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) or associated UEMS countries are generally eligible.

Applicants who have carried out their surgical training outside the European Union or UEMS countries must provide a letter of recommendation from the National Surgical Association certifying the candidates CV.
In addition, 2 letters of recommendation from 2 members of the ESES, at least 1 of whom should hold an EBSQ in Endocrine Surgery, are mandatory. Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Candidates must provide a certified copy of a valid Certificate of Specialist training (CCST) in general surgery or equivalent certificate issued by the relevant body governing the legal CCST. Candidates must also show that a minimum of 2 years have been spent in approved endocrine surgical training posts. The training should be approved by the national training authority (see application form).

In addition to the CCST, the log book and a CV should be attached to the application. This CV should include scientific activities, courses, and training positions. Furthermore two publications or abstracts must accompany the application as pdf or word file.

Log book

Log book addendum should include a minimum of the procedures defined in the curriculum and follow these notes.
a) Record the date of each procedure performed together with the patient’s hospital number and birth year
b) An “assisted” procedure is defined as an operation where you assisted a Specialist Endocrine Surgeon.
c) A “performed” procedure is defined as an operation performed by you with the assistance of your Specialist trainer.
d) Your Trainer must sign the relevant space indicating that you acted as first assistant or performed the operation to a satisfactory standard. Eligibility to sit the UEMS examination for Board Certification in Endocrine Surgery is dependent upon completion of all the procedures listed, assisted and performed, in the number as indicated in the curriculum.

Examination fees

The fees for the EBSQ certificate endocrine surgery are divided as follows:
– Eligibility fee of 175 euros, non refundable if the candidate is not eligible, and
– Examination fee of 375 euros; the resit fee in case of failure is also of 375 euros.

Candidates are requested to pay fees to cover administrative and examination costs.

The eligibility fee is to be paid when the candidate register for the certification.

The examination fees should be paid once the eligibility of the candidate has been confirmed, to finalise the registration of the candidate for the examination.

In the event of that the candidate does not pass the oral examination, the paid fee will not be refunded.

Examination format

The examination will be conducted in English and consists of two 50-60 min “viva voce sessions”, each session to be adjudicated by two examiners and consisting of two parts:

I. Clinical management problems (presented as cases) covered in the curriculum.
· Examination in Neck Endocrine Surgery: benign and malignant thyroid disease, primary, secondary and tertiary HPT
· Examination in Endocrine Surgery: thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, endocrine abdominal

In addition, basic science will be discussed in the context of the clinical problems presented

II. Discussion of two scientific papers sent to the candidates about two weeks before the exam

Failure to pass

Participation in any examination process, in itself, always encompasses the possibility of failure.

The assessments are based on a supranational system and are conducted objectively to the best of our knowledge – the main aim being that a uniform and high standard of endocrine surgical professionalism is maintained across Europe. Participation in the assessments requires full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of the examination. Submission of the completed application by the candidate is regarded as confirmation of full compliance with the above terms and conditions and the Core of Assessors cannot be liable for any ruling concluding that the candidate does not meet the required standards for the award of the EBSQ-endocrine certificate.