Syllabus and Curriculum

Endocrine Surgery
Syllabus & Curriculum

The Division of Endocrine Surgery has determined the Syllabus and the Curriculum for endocrine surgery, neck endocrine surgery and recently neck endocrine and adrenal surgery.


The Syllabus defines expectations and responsibilities in preparation for the UEMS EBSQ Examination.

You can download the different syllabus:


The Curriculum is based on the Syllabus but goes beyond it in that it introduces the concept of Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA). In addition to details about the objectives, it also refers to the methodologies to be adopted and the appropriate bodies that are entrusted with this aspect. Thus, a careful reading of the Syllabus is essential in order to appreciate the Curriculum with the proper perspective.

Please download the following for details on the required knowledge and experiences for accreditation: