Honorary fellowship

Minimal Invasive Surgery
Honorary Fellowship

The Fellowship (F.E.B.S.) provided by the European Board of Surgery is a relatively young qualification. By that it is understandable, that senior surgeons with undoubtedly significant experience in advanced positions will individually refrain from undergoing the Eligibility process and the Board Exam. Nevertheless, they would proudly take the benefit from the qualification itself.

However, it is the purpose of the executive, to establish the Fellowship qualification as European standard. This lead to the decision to provide a “Honorary Certificate” for experienced surgeons.

Senior MIS surgeons in advanced position may apply for an Honorary Certificate of the European Board of Surgery (MIS).

You wish to become a Honorary Fellow of the European Board of Surgery in Minimal Invasive Surgery?

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Requirements & fees


Colleagues are eligible to apply only if they have a minimum of 10 consecutive years of practice and/or experience in formally recognised National Health Service or University posts.

A complete application must include:

  • A cover letter highlighting the achievements of their career and the purpose of applying for the diploma
  • A complete updated CV + list of publications
  • Letters from two peers of their choice from 2 different countries
  • A photo, copy of ID card (JPG or equivalent)

All documents should be sent to:


After approval the fee for the certificate of € 2,500 should be paid to the Division Account.

Payment of the application fee to the following account:
IBAN: BE 73 0018 5738 1460

Assessment & granting

Applications will then be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Division.
The recommendation will then be presented to the executive, who will decide on approval or rejection.

Honorary fellows may apply to serve as examiners in future Board Exams or they may be invite to serve as examiners at their discretion.