What are the UEMS EBSQ Examinations?

Two new opened applications for EBSQ Examinations: Upper GI and Transplant Immunology!

What are the UEMS EBSQ Examinations?

In the absence of specific official title in the different surgical fields or specialities in European countries, the aim of the UEMS Section of Surgery is to assure standards of the product of the training of surgeons through robust, valid, high level specialty exams for specialist trainees.

Each specialty within the Section of Surgery has its own curriculum, eligibility criteria, and examination.

Passing the EBSQ Examination leads to the conferment of the title of Fellow of the European Board of Surgery in the corresponding specialty.

This conferment is a significant high-level indication of professional competence and excellence, and represents an acknowledgement of knowledge, skills and professionalism, at European level.

To apply, go to the specialty’s page you are interested in:

> Emergency EBSQ Exam
> Coloproctology EBSQ Exam
> Upper GI EBSQ Exam
> Transplant Immunology EBSQ Exam

📅 Different deadlines apply for each application! Check the deadline in the specialty’s page dedicated to the EBSQ Examination.


Celebrate your trauma surgeon career and support the Division of Trauma Surgery

Celebrate your trauma surgeon career and support the Division of Trauma Surgery!

Dear colleague,

As an experienced trauma surgeon, you have eminent merits in the clinical and/or research praxis of our profession. Thanks to your contributions, many surgeons and patients profit from the newest theoretical knowledge and technical advancements in trauma surgery.

The Division of Trauma Surgery has installed the title “Honorary Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (Hon FEBS) in Trauma Surgery”. This European diploma recognizes your valuable input to our profession in the last decades.

If you have outstanding contributions to trauma care both clinically and/or scientifically, have a European recognition thanks to your clinical, research and/or academic career, highly esteemed publications, or path-breaking innovations, we encourage you to apply for the title “Hon FEBS”. In this way, you also endorse the activities of the Division of Trauma Surgery and enhance its recognition and radiance.

Please send your CV and a motivating letter to the Secretariat of UEMS (e-mail: with the following reference “Honorary Fellowship Trauma Surgery”. Your application will be revised by an international team of FEBS. A financial contribution of 2.000, – € will be asked in case of acceptance of your application.

With kind regards,

The Board of Trauma Surgery, Section of Surgery, UEMS


25th October 2023 – ESBQ in Trauma Surgery in Berlin!

25th October 2023 – EBSQ in Trauma Surgery in Berlin!

The application for the next EBSQ in Trauma Surgery is now open! The examination will take place on the 25th of October in Berlin. The deadline to apply is September 25th.

A national qualification in surgery in one of the participating countries is prerequisite to apply for attending the European Board of Surgery Qualification (EBSQ) examination in Trauma Surgery of the UEMS.

Further conditions to be accepted for the EBSQ in Trauma Surgery are defined by the Division of Trauma Surgery in accordance with the UEMS and the European Board of Surgery (EBS). They can be noticed in the eligibility criteria, which you can find in this page.

After passing this exam, the surgeon will become a Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (FEBS).