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Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery EBSQ Examinations

Next EBSQ Examination in Upper GI (Upper gastrointestinal)

DatePlaceApplication deadline
January 30th 2023Online1 Dec. 2022

Applications for these examinations are now closed.

♦ Please note that once the deadline date to apply is passed, the link won’t be accessible anymore. No application will then be possible and acceptable by any means.

♦ Please note that you have to submit all the required documents and paid the Eligibility fee before the deadline date. The further payment of the Examination fee may be possible after the deadline date within 2 weeks from the notification of your eligibility (sent by email).

We accept applications only through the UEMS dedicated web-platform. Applications by any other means are not accepted.

Examination organisation and rules

The EBSQ (European Board of Surgery) – OGSurg Examination (in the following Board Exam) is subject of comprehensive revision and continuous development. The examination covers the whole field of OG Surgery as defined in the relevant UEMS documents (www.uemssurg.org). This is conducted in cooperation with the relevant European authorities and fulfilling EU legislation and directives.

The evolving process of the Board Examinations is paralleled by the European ambition towards harmonization and standardization of medical education, specialist training and qualification.

The structure of the Board Qualification is clearly defined and consists of a 2-stage process involving the Eligibility and the Examination, the Examination comprising a MCQ test with at least 100 items and an OSCE circuit with at least 6 stations.

For details on the organisation and the rules attached to the EBSQ examination in Oesophagogastric Surgery, please read carefully the following document:

Examination fees

The total fees of €700 are for the whole application:
– for eligibility (€350) and
– for the examination (€350)
for the European Certification in Upper GI Surgery. 

The eligibility fee is to be paid when the candidate registers for the examination.

The examination fees should be paid once the eligibility of the candidate has been confirmed, to finalise the registration of the candidate for the examination.

Cancellation/Postponement up to 30 days before the exam- Exam fees (if paid) postponed to next sitting + an admin charge of 90 euro.

Cancellation/Postponement less than 30 days before the exam – Exam fees not transferred to the next exam. If candidate was deemed eligible then they will pay the full exam fee + 90 euro admin fee. They will not have to pay the eligibility fee again if they have been assessed eligible.

Reasonable cancellations within 30 days of the exam will be considered on a case by case basis. Supporting documentation may be required.

For those who have been assessed eligible, you may postpone for up to 24 months. After 24 months you must go through the eligibility assessment again.

All fees paid are non-refundable. The exam fee may be transferred to another exam sitting if more than 30 days notice is given.

Eligibility requirements

In order to check the eligibility of any application, we request that each applicant download and fill in the Application form and the logbook that you can download below.

These documents should be then uploaded on the platform during the registration process.



Candidates must attach the following documents to their online registration on the UEMS Surgery platform:

  • signed application form
  • completed logbook
  • CV
  • two ID size photographs
  • letters of recommendation by my trainers
  • certificate of national board certification in surgery

Logbook requirements

The candidates’ individual log-books have to fulfill the UEMS criteria. In the logbook for each item patient’s initials (or hospital admission number), type of procedure, date of procedure and approval with signature by independent expert have to be provided.

Details on the eligibility requirements specific to the logbook are available in this document:

Examination rules

For details on the proportion of questions from each category that candidates will be asked in the examination, please download the Blueprint:

Marking and grant

The EBS’ decision regarding certification is not based upon any preset pass/fail rate, but solely upon the aggregate evaluation of the examiners.
A total of up to 600 points can be achieved in the Board Exam, up to 300 points in the MC test (2 or 1 points per question) and 200-300 points in the OSCE circuit (50 points per station).

The threshold for passing the exam is 75%, which means at least a total of 450 points.

Appeals against the decision of the Board of Examiners are possible.
An unsuccessful candidate is entitled to another chance to take the exam that he/she failed.

The successful candidates (successful Eligibility and Examination) are awarded the title “Fellow of the European Board of Surgery– UGI Surg/ Fellow of the European Board of Thoracic Surgery” or “F.E.B.S.-UGISurg/ F.E.B.T.S.-UGISurg” and are provided with the relevant certificate normally the same day in a formal celebration.
The title F.E.B.S.-UGISurg/ F.E.B.T.S.-UGISurg determines, that the person successfully proved to have validated knowledge and skills, that in most cases exceed the requirements for the national CCSTs and allow him/her to successfully cover the broad field of UGI Surgery in respective to the actual demanding according to the judging of the commission.
As of today, the qualification F.E.B.S.-UGISurg/ F.E.B.T.S.-UGISurg has no automatic legal recognition in the E.U. or in any other country. Individual recognition of qualifications by the national authorities is supported by the EBSQ committee.

Individual recognition of qualifications by the national authorities is supported by the EBS committee and the number of countries officially adopting the Board exam is continuously rising.
The acceptance status of a Board Exam is published on the website in the Fellows page.