Trauma Surgery European and National Societies

European Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ESTES)

ESTES has both individual and institutional membership, based on the tradition from the merging societies, where ETS had mainly institutional and EATES mainly individual membership. The aim of society, agreed upon by the General Assembly, is to transfer as much as possible to individual membership, which is connected to more advantages and also promotes more
active involvement in the important tasks of the society.

Who can be an individual member?

The society is open for all doctors within specialities involved in trauma and emergency surgery: All surgical specialities, anaesthesiology, radiology and emergency, military and disaster medicine. Also doctors under training are accepted as members. The society is also open for non-physicians working within this field: Nurses, paramedics, ambulance- and prehospital staff.

What does it cost to be an individual member, and what do you get for it?

The annual membership fee is €100 for specialists and €70 for doctors under training and for non-doctors.
This gives you:

  • A diploma confirming your individual membership
  • Free annual subscription to the official forum of the society, the European Journal of Trauma and Emergency surgery, ordinary subscription rate €249. The journal has 6 issues per year including regular information from the society.
  • Significantly reduced registration fee to the annual congresses of the society: For specialists a reduction with €80 at early registration, for trainers and non-physicians (who have lower registration fee) a reduction with €70.
  • Possibility to be a member of one of the specialist sections of the society (Visceral trauma, Skeletal trauma, Emergency surgery, Surgical education, Disaster- and military medicine) for an additional annual fee of only €10.

For example, if you are a specialist and an individual member and attend the annual congress, you get an economical benefit of €329 for your fee of €100 which means a gain of €229. As you can see, it is a very good deal to be an individual member presumed that you are interested in these fields.
And in addition to all this, you become an active supporter of the promotion and development of Trauma and Emergency surgery in Europe, and you can influence this development with your vote.

How do become an individual member?

It is very simple: On our website you find the application form which you have to fill in and send to us according to the instructions. Your application has to be approved by the membership committee after which you receive an invoice for payment (which can be done with credit card) and after payment you receive your diploma and the
journal and are entitled to all the other advantages of individual membership.

What about institutional membership?

Societies or groups with activities within these fields can apply for institutional membership, which means that every member automatically becomes an institutional member of ESTES. The affiliated society pays an annual fee of €5 per member of ESTES. This does not include subscription to the journal, but negotiation with the publisher can give a significantly reduced subscription reduced fee for members. The registration fee to the congresses is for institutional members reduced
with €50 (specialist, early registration). Institutional members also have the right to vote at General Assembly.

Send in your application today so we can welcome you as a member of ESTES!