Breast Surgery Curriculum

Transplant Surgery Working Groups

The UEMS Division of transplant surgery is always keen to include fellows and national delegates in their activities. Aside from participating in exams and preparatory courses, we also have multiple active working groups in the following areas

Examinations – Chaired by Nicos Kessaris

This Working group is responsible for the organisation and improvement of UEMS Transplant surgery examinations. They review feedback and questions as well as exam set-up to focus on providing a high quality exam.

Preparatory courses – Chaired by Wojtek Polak

This working group organises preparatory courses and reviews the course content and feedback to improve the course. Participants in this group choose the topics for the prep course programme and find case studies for the relevant subject area.

Accreditation of training centres and renewal of accreditation – Chaired by Wojtek Polak

This group is responsible for updating the criteria for the accreditation and reaccreditation of transplant surgery training centres across Europe. The UEMS division of transplant surgery provides a framework for the criteria a centre must meet in order to be considered a transplant training centre. These centres are then audited to see if that standard has been met. If a centre is accredited, they must apply for reaccreditation after 5 years to ensure that they have maintained that standard.

SURVEY of AVAILABLE AMBASSADORS in each continent – Chaired by Jacopo Romagnoli

In order to make our examination more accessible and to improve the standards of transplant surgery globally, we feel it is important to make our EBSQ examination available to candidates outside the EU. Therefore, we feel it is important to have ambassadors in non-EU countries who can verify the authenticity of the qualifications and training of candidates from their country. This working group is currently trying to establish a network of ambassadors in Non-EU countries.

Eligibility criteria for people outside UEMS countries – Chaired by Jacopo Romagnoli and Nicos Kessaris

In addition to creating a network of Ambassadors for non-EU countries, it is vital that we adapt the eligibility criteria to make the exam accessible to non-EU countries. This working group looks at how we should adapt the criteria without lowering the standards that the candidates must meet.

New working group: Machine perfusion – Chaired by Robert Porte and Allan Rasmussen

The use and importance of Machine perfusion in transplant surgery is growing exponentially. With this, there is an obvious need to define standards of what a machine perfusionist should be able to do and how machine perfusion should be incorporated into transplant surgery. The UEMS division of transplant surgery wants to set this standard. We feel that the standard should not be set by the industry but by transplant surgeons with the relevant knowledge and experience.

ETR’s for  paediatric Transplant Surgery for ENR – Chaired by Nicos Kessaris and Allan Rasmussen

The European commission have requested that the UEMS division of Transplant surgery provide guidelines on what competencies a paediatric transplant surgeon should have. There are currently no regulations and guidelines and thus, transplant surgeons can currently call themselves a paediatric transplant surgeon without any knowledge or experience. This group is focused on creating ETRs for paediatric transplant surgeons, to provide to the European commission.

Evaluation of Exam and Prep course fees- Chaired by Allan Rasmussen

In the interest of keeping the exam and prep course accessible to all, we feel in is important to regularly review the fees and see how they need to be altered to meet the needs of the candidates and the division. As a non-profit, the UEMS aims to simply cover their running costs so that they may keep the exam accessible. This is particularly challenging In the current economy and taking into account the financial means of certain countries. This group looks at the best way to make the fees inclusive to all.

If you are interested in joining any of these groups please email with the name of the group you are interested in and a recent CV. Your information will be passed on to the relevant person and you will be contacted in due course. By sending us your information you are agreeing to have this information shared with the relevant person/s within the division of transplant surgery.