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Next EBSQ Examination

Examination dateTypePlaceApplication deadline
June 28th 2025 Oral – OnsiteLondon, UKMarch 28th 2025

The exam will take place in the framework of ESOT Congress 2025 in London.

Applications currently accepted

All candidates must apply through the QuizOne platform accessible through the buttons below

Documents will only be accepted through the dedicated online platform.

No applications will be accepted after the deadline date.

Before clicking the “Apply” button, please carefully read the EBSQ policies and Eligibility criteria and ensure that you are ready to submit all required documents.

Make sure that you pay the fees before the deadline date. ( Please see below for fees and deadlines )

Candidates are responsible for their own application and its follow-up. Checking up regularly emails, and junk emails, is highly recommended – the UEMS Section of Surgery will not be responsible for any missed information sent via email.

Eligibility requirements

The candidate must :

  • have a minimum of 2 years of training in transplantation
  • demonstrate the width of training covering all aspects
    of her/his specialty in transplantation medicine during the years of training.

Document to be downloaded for all the information on the exam criteria:

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Fellowship of the European Board of Transplant Medicine

The examination for the European Fellowship in Transplant Medicine is organized by the European Board of Transplant Medicine of the UEMS Division of Transplantation in collaboration with the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT).

To apply for certification a candidate has to undergo a two-step quality validation process: Eligibility (Part l) and  Examination (Part ll).

A candidate successfully passing the Eligibility and Examination will be qualified as: Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (FEBS) in Transplant Medicine.

The Fellowship of the UEMS is a significant high-level indication of professional competence and excellence. It basically reflects the ongoing important European standardisation, harmonisation and quality assurance process in medicine.

At present, the fellowship of itself has no automatic legal recognition in the European Union or any other country. Individual recognition of qualifications by the national authorities is supported by the EBSQ committee and the number of countries officially adopting the Board exam is continuously rising. The future perspective of this European diploma is to be seen in unanimous legalization within the ongoing project of the European harmonization process of medical education.

The title does not in itself imply an automatic right to practice within the EU or to independent practice, nor does it automatically enhance participation in national social security systems of the European Union.

The candidate for the EBSQ title in Transplant Medicine should be a future opinion leader in Transplant Medicine.

Examination organisation & rules

Eligibility assessment

Eligibility of an application will only be reviewed by the board once all required documents are provided and the Eligibility fee has been paid. Once these conditions are met, applications are treated by “first-come, first-served” principle. Incomplete applications or unpaid fees will result in delay of evaluation of your application.
Please read the instructions carefully and submit all required documents to support your application.

Application documents

Candidates must attach the following documents to their online registration on the QuizOne platform:

All Certificates, if not in English originally, must be translated in English by a professional translator.

Application checklist

  • Completed Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Proof of Identity (clear copy of official ID or Passport)
  • Certified copies of all relevant medical training certificates
  • Logbook or an official descriptive document as proof of applicant’s current work, training and experience in transplantation as per the eligibility criterion 3
  • Letter by the director/head of the transplant institution where the applicant trained or currently works (contact information required)
  • Names of TWO (2) additional transplant professionals as Referees supporting the application (contact information required)
  • Proof of at least two (2) peer reviewed publications in the field of transplantation or at least two poster/oral presentations by the applicant themselves at International Congresses
  • Proof of Attendance at minimum two (2) national and/or international educational transplantation meetings (courses, congresses, symposia) within the last five (5) years

Examination fees

The total fee for the EBSQ examination in Transplant Medicine is €400:

  • €200 for the Eligibility Assessment
  • €200 for the Examination

Payments must be made via Paypal directly on the QuizOne platform dedicated to registrations before the deadlines dates.

The eligibility fee is to be paid when the applicant registers for the exam.

The examination fee should be paid once the eligibility of the applicant has been confirmed, within two weeks following confirmation of selection, to finalise the registration for the examination.

All fees paid are non-refundable. The exam fee may be transferred to another exam sitting if more than 30 days’ notice is given.

For those who have been assessed eligible, you may postpone for up to 24 months without having to pass and pay the eligibility assessment again. After 24 months you must go through the eligibility assessment again.

For those who fail a module, you are entitled to one more chance to take the exam for each module in which you failed. In this case, you will have to submit again the required documents for assessment of your eligibility.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation/Postponement up to 30 days before the exam:

  • Exam fees (if paid) postponed to next sitting + an admin charge of 90 euro will be charged when candidate re-apply for the exam.

Cancellation/Postponement less than 30 days before the exam:

  • Exam fees are not transferred to the next exam and not refundable.  When re-applying for the exam, the candidate must pay the exam fee again + 90 euros administration fee.

Reasonable cancellations within 30 days of the exam will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Board of Examination. Supporting documentation is required.

For those who have been assessed eligible, you may postpone for up to 24 months without having to pass and pay the eligibility assessment again. After 24 months you must go through the eligibility assessment again and pay its fee. 

All fees paid are non-refundable.

Examination format


There is a separate examination for each module:

  • Common module in Transplantation Medicine (obligatory)
  • Kidney transplantation
  • Liver transplantation

Each candidate is examined individually for every module for which he/she has applied. 
The Examination format is only oral. The duration of the exam for each module will be up to 60 minutes.

Exam candidates will receive further and detailed information in a sufficient time prior to the exam.

Examination content

The exam will be examination on clinical topics that can include direct questions, discussion of cases, questions based on presentation of radiological and histological findings and discussion around the topics included in the syllabus of each module.

Results & failures

A pass/ fail mark will be decided for each module following discussion among the members of the examining board without the presence of the applicant.

The decision of the examining board is final and is not subject to appeal. An unsuccessful candidate is entitled to one more chance to take the exam for each module that he/ she failed. In this case, the candidate will have to submit again the required documents for assessment of their eligibility.

The successful candidates are awarded the fellowship to the European Board of Transplantation Medicine (with specification for which modules) and are provided with the relevant certificate.

The Honorary Fellowship

Senior transplant physicians with at least 10 years of continuous experience (from which a minimum of five years have to be spent in a UEMS full member country) who are practicing as specialists in nationally recognized National Health Services or University posts are eligible to apply for an Honorary Fellowship and to be exempted of the examination.

Two years of academic research in transplantation medicine can be included and accepted.

Submission of Honorary Fellowship applications is offered every year to senior transplant physicians meeting the requirements.

The Honorary Fellowship is not subject to periodical re-evaluation by the European Board of Transplant Medicine.

Honorary Fellowship Categories

Based on experience, colleagues can apply for obtaining the Honorary Diploma in one of the following categories/ modules:

  1. Liver Transplantation
  2. Kidney Transplantation


In order to apply for the Honorary Fellowship, candidates should fulfill minimal requirements by including the following electronically submitted documents (only English language accepted) in the application:

  1. Letter of motivation of application for Honorary Fellowship based on clinical activity in the field of transplantation for at least 10 years. Two years of academic research in transplantation medicine can be included and accepted.
  2. Two recommendation letters:
    • One from the Director or Head of the specific transplant program of the Transplant Center where the applicant works.
    • One from the Director or Head of the specific transplant program of another Transplant Center, who is familiar with the applicant’s work and experience or as alternative, a letter of support from the President of the applicant’s National Transplant Society. 

The letters should clearly state that the candidate meets the requirements for eligibility to apply for a Honorary Fellowship (10 years continuous experience and international recognition for her/his clinical, scientific and teaching activity and/or active memberships in recognized scientific associations in the field of transplantation).

  1. The curriculum vitae should be subdivided in the following sections:
    1. Clinical activities (the most recent ones at the top)
    2. Scientific activity (all publications, the most recent ones at the top). A minimum of five publications in a peer-reviewed journal with first or last authorship is mandatory.
    3. Past and active Memberships of national or international recognized scientific transplant associations.
    4. Teaching activity in the field of transplantation
  1. Valid document of identification – passport copy recommended
  2. One passport size photo
  3. Payment of the application fee (400 EUR).

All interested applicants are invited to contact

The candidate shall submit all the required documents for the assessment of their eligibility by the evaluation committee of EBTM. Each member of the EBTM evaluation committee will independently evaluate the documents indicating the evaluation result for each candidate. In case of disagreement between evaluations on one or more candidates a supplementary joint conference for a final evaluation and decision will be carried out.

The successful candidate will receive a certification of their honorary fellowship. And, a list of the transplant physicians awarded the Honorary Fellowship will be published on the Fellows page here.

Document to be downloaded