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Transplant Immunology ESHI Examination

Next ESHI Examination

DatePlaceApplication deadline
25th of April 2023Nantes, France14th of March 2023

Applications for this upcoming examination are now open.

You wish to apply to the next ESHI Examination (and you are a new candidate)? Please click below

Please note that once the deadline date to apply is passed, the link to apply won’t be accessible anymore. No application will then be possible and acceptable by any means.

The EBTI has responsibility for the development and maintenance of a syllabus or curriculum for ‘higher’ training in Transplantation Immunology and Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (the European Specialisation in H&I (ESHI) certificate) throughout Europe.

It is envisaged that the ESHI certificate will become a recognised and necessary part of the development of scientists working in H&I as they progress into senior positions within European laboratories.

Examination organisation & rules

There are two parts to the ESHI certificate; Part I involves providing evidence of eligibility to be examined and Part II is the examination itself.

The ESHI certificate consists of two ‘core’ modules as follows:
1) H&I in solid organ transplantation
2) H&I in HSC transplantation

Two additional modules can also be applied for:
3) H&I in disease association
4) H&I in transfusion

All candidates MUST apply for at least one of the two core modules.

For details on the organisation and the rules attached to the ESHI examination , please read carefully the following document:


To show proof of eligibility a candidate has to show evidence of completion of training in all pertinent areas contained within the syllabus and that they have worked within clinical H&I for at least 5 years for science graduates and 3 years if they are medically qualified.

Existing qualifications (such as RCPath in H&I in the UK, Fachimmungenetiker-DGI in Germany, Opleidingseisen Medische Immunologie in the Netherlands and Especialidad de Immunologia in Spain), higher degrees and publications, although not mandatory, will strengthen the application.

Eligibility to go forward for the examination will be assessed by the EBTI.

If you wish to apply and assess your eligibility for the next EBSQ Examination in Transplantation Immunology and Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, please download the following document, filled it out electronically, printed, signed and submitted as pdf-file:

Application checklist

  • Application Form duly completed, signed by the applicant, the laboratory director and the training supervisor if different
  • ESHI Syllabus completed and signed by the applicant, the Head of Lab
    and Training supervisor
  • Certificates of attendance at educational activities
  • Certificates of local professional qualifications and any higher degrees
  • CV
  • 2 passport photographs

Examination fees

The cost of the whole process is 550€:

  • 200€ cover the Part I eligibility assessment (non refundable) and
  • 350€ cover the examination.

Examination organisation

The examination itself is an oral exam, with 3-4 examiners, with questions covering all areas of the syllabus relevant to the application as well as questions on case studies and a recent publication given to the candidate prior to the exam.

The exam is provided twice a year, if demand requires.