Emergency Surgery Curriculum

The Emergency Surgery curriculum comprehensively describes the Knowledge and Skills required for the qualification as Fellow of the European Board of Surgery in Emergency Surgery (F.E.B.S./EmSurg).The curriculum is not intended to be a complete educational plan, but provides a framework around which preparation for the qualification as F.E.B.S./EmSurg can be structured.

The curriculum should not be viewed as static but will be continuously revised and updated to bring it into line with developments in knowledge and best practice. New topics will be introduced and others deleted. Candidates will be expected to update their knowledge and skills accordingly and to be aware of significant recent developments in surgical practice and scientific literature.

Within the curriculum some skills are listed which are not universally performed by general surgeons (see Emergency Surgery – Skills: Category D). Although candidates do not have to be able to demonstrate proficiency in all of these procedures, they will be expected to have significant knowledge and understanding of them.

To achieve the qualification as F.E.B.S./EmSurg a candidate’s experience will be scrutinised in the Eligibility process. Knowledge is assessed by examination and evidence of Skills has to be provided in a log-book and may be additionally assessed by examination.

For all the details on the expected knowledge, please download the following document: