The MCQ test includes up to 150 questions, not less than 100 questions. The time frame for the MC test is 3-5 hours. This time frame includes transfer of the individual answer codes to the evaluation form.

In the MCQ session the candidates have to demonstrated sufficient knowledge of general surgery.

The MCQ-answers are selected by the committee from a catalogue respecting a numeric distribution following the "Blueprint GenSurg" categories .

The question items may include relevant pictures (e.g. graphs, photographs, radiological pictures).

4 types of questions are used for the MCQ-test :

  • Apos type(single answer out of 5 items, true)
  • Aneg type(single answer out of 5 items, false)
  • Kprim type (4 items, give true/false for each item)
  • E type (select between: 5 items: "+ because+", "+/+", "+/-", "-/+", "-/-")

About 70% of question are A type (Aneg below 20%), about 15% are Kprim and about 5% are E type.

The type of the question is clear from the structure, the wording and the number and expression  of items. For each correct answer in A and E questions 2 points are given. Three correct answers in a Kprim question are given 1 point.

Sample questions are published on the website

Wolfgang Feil
President of the European Board of Surgery
Honorary & Foundation President of the Division of General Surgery