Ethics & Professionalism

The European Board of Surgery (EBS) believes that certifications by the EBSQ (European Board of Surgery Qualifications) carry an obligation for ethical behavior and professionalism in all conduct. The exhibition of unethical behavior or a Iack of professionalism by a candidate may therefore prevent the certification of the applicant or may result in the suspension or revocation of certification. All such determinations shall be at the sole discretion of the EBS.

Unethical and unprofessional behavior is denoted by any dishonest behavior, including: cheating, lying, falsifying information, misrepresenting one's educational background, certification status and/or professional experience and failure to report misconduct.

The EBS has adopted a "zero tolerance" policy toward these behaviors, and individuals exhibiting such behaviors may be permanently banned from certification, reported to state medical boards, and/or legally prosecuted for copyright or other violations if identified.

Unethical behavior is specifically defined by the EBS to include the disclosure, publication, reproduction or transmission of EBS examinations, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purposes.

This also extends to sharing examination information or discussing an examination while still in progress.

Unethical behavior also includes the possession, reproduction or disclosure of materials or information, including examination questions or answers or specific information regarding the content of the examination, before, during or after the examination. This definition specifically includes the recall and reconstruction of examination questions by any means and such efforts may violate federal copyright law.

All EBS examinations are copyrighted and protected by law. The EBS will prosecute violations to the full extent provided by law and seek monetary damages for any loss of examination materials.

Wolfgang Feil
President of the European Board of Surgery
Honorary & Foundation President of the Division of General Surgery