Trauma Surgery Curriculum

Trauma surgery covers all types of trauma, including musculo sceletal trauma. Trauma surgery covers also the prehospital management, emergency room responsibility, intensive care management and rehabilitation.
Therefore trauma surgery is an important part of surgery, on the other hand, for trauma surgery a surgical basis, the common trunk, is essential, to get competence for all patterns of trauma.

Only trauma surgeons with a special surgical training may have this competence. All surgeons with specialisation for trauma surgery (like in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland or Czech Republic) or Trauma Surgeons (like Austria, Hungary, Spain) should join an European Board of Trauma Surgeons, Division of the European Board of Surgery.

This philosophy should expand to all EU countries. In those countries of EU, where trauma surgery is not present at this time, trauma management should be performed by surgeons. But for the future, in this countries, the surgery should be structured into specialities.

Training for trauma surgeons should be 6 years in minimum, approximately 50 % of this time in a trauma training programme. The specification of all details should be done by an European Board of Trauma Surgeons (EBTS).