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Next EBSQ Examination

DatesPlaceApplication deadline
7 to 9 September 2022London, UK30 June 2022

Applications for this upcoming examinations are open.

Before clicking on the “Apply” button, please ensure that you have read thoroughly the Eligibility criteria, that you have completed and ready to submit all the documents required to assess your eligibility to the EBSQ Examination in General Surgery:

  • Application form filled and signed
  • Surgical evidence-of-competence logbook
  • CV
  • 2 Recommendation letters
  • Commitment to abide by assessment regulations signed
  • Primary Medical Qualification certificate
  • Medical registration certificate
  • Evidence of 6 post-graduate years of training
  • A consolidated documents for the Credit points with the evidences
  • A passport/ID photo

You have the documents ready and you wish to apply to the next EBSQ Examination in General Surgery(and you are a new candidate)? Please click below

You were assessed eligible in a previous session of EBSQ Examination in General Surgery, you were not able to attend the Examination and you want to attend the 2022 session?
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You didn’t succeed once in a previous session of EBSQ Examination in General Surgery and you want to give it another try?
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Places are really limited. Do not wait last minute to finalise your application.
We will apply a first applicant, first registered policy in case we have more candidates than we have the capacity to welcome.

Please note that once the deadline date to apply is passed, the link won’t be accessible anymore. No application will then be possible and acceptable by any means.

Examination organisation & rules

To apply for certification as Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (FEBS) in the specialty of General Surgery offered by the “European Board of Surgery” and the “Division of General Surgery” a candidate has to undergo a two-step quality validation process: Eligibility and Examination.

A candidate successfully passing the examination will be qualified as:
Fellow of the European Board of Surgery – F.E.B.S. General Surgery

The Fellowship of the UEMS is a significant high-level indication of professional competence and excellence. It basically reflects the ongoing important European standardisation, harmonisation and quality assurance process in medicine.

Fellows of the European Board of Surgery (General Surgery), whether obtained through the EBSQ Examination or by Honorary conferment, may require confirmation of that their certificate is genuine.
Please read the following for more details on the confirmation of authenticity of your certificate:

New examiners not already in possession of the FEBS will be awarded the Honorary FEBS General Surgery. This Honorary Qualification is no longer conferred in response to a proposal or an application.

If you wish to become an examiner, please read carefully the following:

Examination Committee and FEBS – RSCI (Dublin, Ireland) September 20th, 2019
MCQ Part of the 2019 EBSQ General Surgery Examination at RSCI (Dublin, Ireland, September 19th, 2019)

Eligibility requirements

Your application will be made of 10 documents, the first 5 are to be downloaded from this website (templates hereunder) and filled out:

  • Application form filled and signed by applicant and two referees
  • Surgical evidence-of-competence logbook
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 2 recommendation letters
  • Commitment to abide by assessment regulations signed

These documents should be then uploaded on the platform during the registration process.

For details on the eligibility criteria and guidance, please download the following document:

Examination fees

The total fees of €1,000 are for the whole application:
– for eligibility (€400) and
– for the examination (€600)
for the European Certification in General Surgery. 

The eligibility fee is to be paid when the candidate register for the certification.

The examination fees should be paid once the eligibility of the candidate has been confirmed, to finalise the registration of the candidate for the examination.


A Gold certificate amounting to 1,000 euro will be awarded to the first placed candidate at each session of the ESBQ Examination.

An EBSQ International Scholarship for candidates from least developed countries amounting to 1,000 euro each will be awarded to successful candidates on condition that their place of work and country of residence is listed as one on the most current United Nations (UN) list of least developed countries (LDC). A maximum of two bursaries are awarded to the two candidates who place best in the EBSQ Exam, if contested.

The bursaries will be paid after the examination results are published.

The two bursaries (Gold certificate and International Scholarship) cannot be granted to the same person.

Examination rules

For details on the proportion of questions from each category that candidates will be asked in the examination, please download the Blueprint:

And, more specifically, regarding Part I of the examination (Multiple Choice Question), here are the type of questions that may be asked :

For details on the organisation and the rules attached to the EBSQ examination in General Surgery, please read carefully the Frequently Asked Questions: