How to apply

Applications must be made online.

You will need:

  • signed application form
  • completed logbook
  • logbook validation form
  • recent photograph of yourself
  • copy of your passport
  • CV
  • certificate of completion of specialist training
  • certificate of completion of ATLS course*
  • certificate of completion of DSTC course*

*or approved alternative (see Eligibility)

The application form, logbook validation form and logbook can be downloaded from this page.  The list of procedures required for the logbook has been revised for use from 2018 onwards.  However for the 2018 exam candidates who fulfil the previous  criteria will still be eligible to take the exam.  Candidates who fulfil the original criteria should use the original logbook which can be downloaded here.  Candidates who fulfil the revised criteria should use the new logbook which can be downloaded here.  

The original list of procedures (Emergency Surgery Curriculum - Skills) can be downloaded here and the revised version can be downloaded here.

Please ensure that your CV includes evidence that you meet the requirements of eligibility criteria 12 & 13.

The cost of applying for the EBSQ in Emergency Surgery is €700 (€350 for the Eligibility assessment which must be paid at the time of application and €350 for the Examination).  Further details can be found in the published Eligibility criteria.  Payments must be made via Paypal. 

To apply now you will need to return to the EBSQ Examination page.